Key features

Enjoy our features!

Real-time data

Explore real-time data on your mental health and status as well as for your employees.

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Personal access

Get your own personalized dashboard where you have information about you.

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Overview for managers

Get an overview of the mental health and state of your employees..

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Security is our priority, we both encrypt the data and remove all personal connection to it.

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Your time

You can measure your state and health whenever you want at your own time.

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By remembering to measure regularly you can see your changes in mental health and state over time.

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Feature one 01

Employees can engage in their personal dashboard.

A personalized access to the mental health solution. Where they can track and monitor their own mental health 24/7. By answering questions at their own pace and get instant feedback in their space. They have access to mental health tools and trainings inside the platform.
Feature two 02

Managers get an overview of the mental health status.

A special access to the overall mental health status for their department/s. Where they can see how many employees are experiencing different degrees of symtpoms such as burnout, depression and anxiety. They can track the status of their employees mental health over time.
Feature three 03

Specialists can advice managers from the data.

Help managers analyze the data and the mental health status of the employees. Consult on how to effectively respond and react accordingly compared to the data and statistics. They can track the progress for chosen strategies with timelines in preventing or promoting employees mental health.