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Tracking mental health and performance to get the best out of people.

Our solution

Proency provides individuals with a software solution to monitor mental health, fatigue, well-being, and other mental states. It is an analytical tool that gives companies and organizations an understanding of mental health problems proactively, and it provides specialists with a screening tool.

  • Users monitor themselves in a personal dashboard.
  • Managers get an overview of mental health status.
  • Make informed decisions based on real-time data.
  • Tools for psychologists and health specialists.

The steps

We help you proactively care for your people and their mental health.



A company registers on our website, managers upload a list of their employees and they sign up.


Collecting data

Employees answer questions at their own time and pace, and the software collects the data.



Proency analyzes the data and it is presented on dashboards for the managers.



Managers can implement strategies and follow up on their progress on our timelines.

How It Works?

How It Works?

Instant feedback

Users can see their mental health status on their dashboard instantly after each measurement.

Data Analysis

Managers see an overview of their organisations mental health and see the prevalence of each mental issue.

Progress monitor

Individuals can follow up on their mental health, and at the same time, managers can see changes over time in strategies they implement.

Fits different needs

Different versions depending on the users and organizations needs. From frequent fatigue checks to irregular positive emotion measures.

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Common Questions

Common questions we are happy to answer!

No, managers can only see group results and the software tracks groups of people. The software can warn of problems but does not point out the individual; employees can however see their personal results.

Yes, mental health software that focus on screening early-stage mental health problems has been shown to return 6 dollars for every dollar invested (Deloitte - Mental health and employees - Refreshing the case for investment, 2020)

Our security system ensures separation between personal information and mental health data. We both encrypt the data and remove all personal connections to it.

Yes, you can sign up by emailing us and we will set you up with everything.