Real-time mental health tracker for your people

Tracking mental health and performance to get the best out of your people.

Our features

We ensure


Our security system ensures separation between personal information and mental health data. We both encrypt the data and remove all personal connection to it


The user controls his pace in monitoring his mental health. He can easily stop and start monitoring whenever he wants and be sure that the input is in place.


The user has access to his space 24/7 and can get insight into his status whenever he wants as well as mental trainings.

Instant feedback

The mental health status of the user will appear instantly on his personalized dashboard after he measures it.

Insight into progress

By measuring mental health frequently the user will get insight into changes over time on his timelines. Making it possible to see progress.

Opportunity for growth

Every user has access to mental training, methods and meditation to get a jumpstart on the journey to better health and performance.

Enjoy, exploring your mental health and state.

Take time to explore your current mental health and state on your personalized dashboard. Where you get visualizations in different forms.

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Follow up on progress you make.

By tracking your mental health regularly you can follow up on changes over time on timelines. Which can give you important motivation and insight into what influences your mental health and state as well as showing progress towards well-being.

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